​About us

The Blucer platform was born in 2009 as a startup of buying and selling and auctions. It was created by a group of restless young people who collaborate in network from Logroño, Madrid (Spain) and Utah. ( USA)
The idea is the creation of a decentralized portal for franchised management of a system of buying and selling. Do not base the entire project on a single .com domain, if not, generate traffic from each country with small businesses and from your local domain. Blucer is in several countries after ebay, the most important selling system with auction option. But Blucer is the first worldwide to be totally free. You can create a store and upload your products at no cost.

Blucer is running in the following countries.

If you want to install and manage Blucer in your country contact us. It Is free.

blucer - at - blucer - dot - com